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    1. Victoria D says:

      Are you open on Thanksgiving day? If so, what are your hours and price?
      Thanks for your help.

    2. Judy R. says:

      What are your weekday hours?

    3. Patty Celidon says:

      I just visited the buffet today for the first time and loved it!

      The only thing I would love to see is a sushi bar…is this something it can be added in the future? Or is it not in your vision?


    4. Andrasmin says:

      What are the requirements needed to get in free on a birthday?

    5. Andre says:

      Do you guys have a vegan menu or a lot of vegan options?

      • admin says:

        Hi Andre,

        Besides all-you-can-eat salad and desserts, we have some vegetarian hot dishes such as stir-fried green bean, mixed vegetable, steamed cabbage, sweet corn, steamed carrot, steamed cauliflower, squash, sauted mushroom, and grilled mushroom. The menu is subject to change each day. And do not forget to try our Mongolian BBQ – pick your own veggies and sauce and have our chef make a dish customized to your taste!

    6. Chelsea says:

      Can you get more then one plate after you have finished one ?

    7. Daniel Praniuk says:

      When are Sunday prices?

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